IMG_8052 vierkant 648The tango retuning is done by Age Akkerman. He is part of DJ duo Age & Sebastián.

As a DJ duo, we bring our strengths together and enjoy discussing what to play next.
With laborious analysis we retune tangos to their original tempo and pitch.
We project song title and orchestra and next tanda with our beamer.

Longer bio:

“Since 1999, together we’ve been collecting and discussing tango music. As a DJ duo, we bring our strengths together, Sebas as a tango teacher, Age as a musician. We decide during the milonga what to play and enjoy discussing and changing our next choices till the cortina’s last note.
As a result of laborious analysis we are able to play more and more music retuned to the original tempo and pitch.
Proudly, we project playlist info (previous and current song title and orchestra, next tanda, etc.) with our beamer on a wall. Many people enjoy this extra.

We want happy dancers guided through all emotions of the classics, from delicate through rhythmical to dramatic. We want to assure the dancers of a stream of danceable music, inspiring golden classics and moving lesser-known jewels from the impressive legacy of ’30s-’50s era. Of course, we play tandas of tango, vals and milonga in TTVTTM-order with cortinas. We love sung tangos intermingled with instrumentals and we are crazy ’bout milonga.

We vary with coherent tandas in a way that feels natural and fresh, inviting you to dance and listen profoundly. Playing with the mood, we create and follow the flow making you feel connected with the music and each other.”

Age Akkerman
Sebastián Coli Bazzini

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