IMG_8052 vierkant 648The tango retuning is done by Age Akkerman.
I am DJ-ing together with Sebastián as DJ duo Age & Sebastián.

As a DJ duo, we bring our strengths together and enjoy discussing what to play next.
With laborious analysis we retune tangos to their original tempo and pitch.
We project song title, orchestra, singer and the upcoming tanda with our beamer.

Earlier, I have posted a six page article “Lost in History – the Keys of Tango Music“. A short introduction and discussion can be found on facebook. To fully understand why and how I am retuning tango music, you will need this background information. To sum up: Analysing the tuning of tangos I found that most tango’s published on CD’s are off-key, not in tune with a tuned instrument. The tones are somewhere between two keys. This is a result of transferring the old 78 rpm (rotations per minute) discs at the wrong speed. The correct speed is hard to find, since many discs have not been made at exactly 78 rpm, but perhaps 76 rpm or 80 rpm.
To find the correct speed, I check the freqencies and calculated the off-set, from which the speed correction can be derived. How much offset (out of tune) a tone is can be expressed in cents. The distance between two notes (e.g. A and B) can be divided in 100 cents. The off-key tone A with a deviation of +50 cents is exactly between A and B. An A +70 cents is the same tone as B -30 cents.
Now, after all the theory, I want to apply my findings to my music and check the results. It is a laborious process and I hope to present some more results here.